Without spoiling much, Imachi is a sci-fi fantasy webcomic about a boy who stumbles across a mysterious egg. The boy, a druid with white hair, discovers the egg while also delving into more details about the world he lives in and the people around him. I wanna say more but it will spoil everything, nyeeeergh. Check out the comic and (hopefully!) follow us on social networking, RSS, etc. and give this a read.

…please? c:

Been working on this comic for awhile with Quirachen. She does the art, and I fuck around with the rest of the shit like the terrible writing, terrible website design, terrible business end of things, etc. No but seriously, we’ve put a lot of work into this and are finally ready to launch it! Click the image above to check it out. It’s just getting started now but will be updated on a weekly basis!

This is the comic I was talking about! As Atraius said, we’ve both been working on this one for a while, some artworks that had been posted on here are part of the website’s art.

Please check it out, this is basically our first comic project, and we’re both excited to keep it going and post new pages each week!

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